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        21M 720P 8X Digital Camera(DC5100B-3)

        21M 720P 8倍數碼變焦數碼相機(5100B-3)

        紅色21M 720P 8倍數碼變焦數碼相機

        黑色21M 720P 8倍數碼變焦數碼相機

        21M 720P 8倍數碼變焦數碼相機拍照效果

        紅色21M 720P 8倍數碼變焦數碼相機細節圖

        Description:21M 720P 8X  Digital Camera
        Image Sensor:21M CMOS Sensor
        Image Resolution:
        ((21(M)5616x3744,(18M) 4896x3672, (14M) 4416x3312, (12M) 4000x3000, (10M) 3648x2736,
        (8M) 3264x2448, (7M HD) 3648x2048, (5M) 2592x1944, (3M) 2048x1536, 
        (2M HD) 1920x1080,  (VGA) 640x480
        Video Resolution:1280x720 HD , 640x480 VGA, 320x240 QVGA
        File Format:JPEG (Still Image)/AVI (Video)
        External Memory:SD Card (up to 32GB)
        LCD Display:2.7 Inch TFT
        LENS:Fixed lens F/3.0 f=7.45
        Range of photography  20CM~∞
        Zoom:8X Digital Zoom
        Exposure:-3.0EV ~ +3.0EV
        White Balance:Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Incandescent/Fluorescent
        Scene:Auto/Night Portrait/Night Scenery/Portrait/Scenery /Beach/High sensitivity
        Flash:YES, IGBT (Auto/Force/Off/Red eye reduce)
        Self-timer:2 / 5 or 10 sec delay
        Interface:USB 2.0
        System Requirements:Windows XP/VISTA/7/MAC
        Battery:Lithium Battery
        Working Temperature:0~40℃

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